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For your safety and enjoyment of all visitors, we need to ask you a few rules.
Please observe them for helping keep Zushi Beach a welcoming place for everyone.

Drinking alcohol is only permitted at the beach houses.

Any alcoholic beverages are not allowed on the beach. Please enjoy drinking alcohol moderately at the beach houses to avoid blacking out or passing out as Zushi Beach is a family-friendly beach.

No excessive noise including playing music through loudspeakers.

Playing music without using headphones or earphones is not allowed on the beach. Enjoy relaxing sounds of waves or you can enjoy music at some of the beach houses.

Cover your tattoos. Not allowed to show tattoos.

Here in Japan, not all people accept them so cover up your body art with clothes. Please consider other people's feelings and thank you for your understanding culture in Japan.

Smoking is only permitted in designated areas.

Smoking on the beach is banned in Kanagawa Prefecture. Zushi Beach provides several designated smoking areas.

Barbecuing outside of beach houses is not allowed.

Beach barbecuing is banned June 26-August 30. Somebeach houses have menus and services for barbecuing. You can enjoy it there, they will prepare barbeques and clear up everything after you finish eating.